WishList Wednesday ~ Dreamy Online Shopping

When your bank balance says no … A mum can dream

Why I am creating a Wishlist Wednesday ..

The thing when your an affiliate for companies is you get more emails, as well as being informative it just creates further temptations for me as they are all brands I love.

Sometimes I can be a bit of a negative nancy about this and throw a pity party when I can’t just go buy something I love. But I do love to shop, so to feel good I thought a bit of online ‘window’ shopping. Part of the small little things that make me feel good I’m going to make more dreamy lists and just fun stuff here on the blog. I miss just randomly posting. As mentioned previously though I was dream shopping through affiliates which means if you click through any Wishlist Wednesday links I’ll earn a small commission.


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Paul’s Boutique Limited Edition Stephanie Clutch £100.00

Okay so I may spell my name different (Stefani spelt like Gwen Stefani said like Stephanie-you’d be surprised how many people get confused) but this bags kinda named after me it’s meant to be. I’m also a geek for a limited edition and how gorgeous is this bag!! I’m normally a ginormous handbag kinda gal but I have been streamlining and getting better, I NEED it!

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I’m still loving the fact that Maisons du Monde are in the UK, part of me can’t wait to move just for the chance to decorate. Our looming eviction has been super stressing me out and making my anxiety awful, so the chance to shop the possibilities was fun. I love all the motivational stuff they stock and the collections are so fresh and attractive.

Smile Wooden Wall Decoration £16.99 a simple pretty pink reminder that hangs on the wall.

Follow Your Dreams Mirror £7.99 I’m already imagining this hanging in our new home, I love it.

Origami Crane Ornament £3.99 this reminds me of my childhood penal Aya from Japan, she sent me an origami crane and the papers and instructions. They always bring fond memories. It also reminds me I’d love to make something in origami!

Wonderful Wooden Wall Art £19.99 just because I believe in what it says.

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It’s no lie, I’m like TK Maxxs biggest fan, all my friends and family are always complementing my treasure finds. Me and my dad have a little thing whenever we fancy a shop, a little nudge and the words “max itttttt” makes me smile. Plus the prices means me, the man and the monsters can all have gorgeous items at lower costs.

The Psychology Book £7.99 I studied psychology A-Level, I also got offered a place at university to study it but turned it down. I am a psychology geek, I love little nuggets of wisdom and reading the psychological perspectives and understandings. My inner geek wants this under the Christmas tree!

Dior New Looks Book £39.99 I love this, I’m a pretty book collector I have the big coffee book table kinda collection. Books on Designers like Manolo Blahnik & Chanel, inspirational women like Marilyn Monroe, limited editions all filled with beautiful pages. I love them!

Versace Jeans Black & Copper Toned Shoulder Bag £69.99 I got a thing for small pretty bags right now can you tell? And the copper plate. Mmmmmm I love this!

Just Cavalli Gem Patterned Jumper £79.99just so pretty teamed with jeans and lumbers this is a WINNER!

Laqa&Co Pink Make Up Set £7.00 I have featured them on thus blog and Be You Beautiful I adore these lip products, application is easy and the colour collections are gorgeous.

Wishlist Wednesday going up Thursday …. Because we all know that’s how I roll. Seriously one day I’ll get everything running smoothly!!


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