Family Finances. Why I’m Not Where I Planned

What I Set Out To Achieve.

So at the start of the year with the help of my Leonie Dawson Planners I set out some arse kicking financial goals. And whilst some still seem so far off, actually having the goals has made a significant difference to the action I take. I am the main one in control of the family finances and I’m pleased to say my different attitude along with a bit more of an aim has rubbed off on the man and the eldest monster, which is kinda rewarding in its own way. Also I’m going to take the chance now to tell you in my aim to make money and increase our finances this post contains affiliate links, I talk more about how they have helped below too.

My financial goals for 2016 were

•Learn what the F* my credit rating is and means.

•Transfer my credit cards to interest free.

•Become Debt Free. This means clearing two credit cards (£2,500) Paying off Virgin (£98) Utility Warehouse (£600-this is purely because the fucktards are really sneaky with how they put your usage and mounting bill slyly on the back of the third page of the letter they send you!). Pay off outstanding of child tax credits repayment (£260 because despite checking 3 times I apparently spent their money they didn’t mean to give me.) Not a lot to some and masses to others.

•Restart the savings.

•Find & Implement Ways to Make a Residual Income.

•Go back to work part time employed at the end of maternity.

•Review and reduce my outgoings every 6 months — up repayments and increase the amount I save!

How I am doing 8 Months On.

PAHAHAHAHAHA last week I had £3 in my account BUT I have made progress (not just since last week) but as a whole through the year. I have also had some huge big set backs but I think this is just the flow of life, we all have good stuff and bad shit happen. IT feels like for every debt I cleared the outstanding balance a new one would appear; I paid of my Virgin for it to be replaced by a bigger debt of council tax, it’s hugely frustrating but my thoughts are if they all come out the woodwork now I can deal with them all to eventually become debt free!

I actually think checking my credit rating actually helped the whole process. I done it all free using Noddle.  My rating was really bad but it just made me more determined to turn it all around. (Normally anxiety would make me run and hide).  Once you have checked, no one reminds you of the number or how bad you are instead it turns out I could change it. It pointed out a few things; I had a credit card I had cleared but never cancelled registered to an old address, I had a phonebill that was meant to have been cancelled instead left in default, I wasn’t on the electoral role and a couple of other little things all that could be fixed and would make a difference. And they did, I spent about half a day speaking to people and sending letter and emails but it was worth it. Now instead of ‘very poor’ rating I’ve come as far as almost being out of ‘poor’. I know I sound thick but this was never taught to me in school and as someone who hides credit card bills down the back of shoe cupboard it’s all been a learning curve. Before this year everything about finances scared me, I genuinely feel proud to have faced this and made change.

The only thing I am a bit gutted with myself over is my savings. I done good I got all the way to the thousands … I now have 60p. My car has gone wrong multiple times, I have had unexpected bills, Toll fines, all kindsa “hey we need that money” crap that could slowly suck the savings empty again. I’m okay with it I’m thankful for my car, I love her and I have proved to myself I can save so I’ll just start again and get a lot further this time.


Extra Actions That Helped

I maximise the use of points cards like Tesco, Boots, Sainsburys, I build my points up all through the year and use them up at Christmas.

I shop wisely online. If I love a brand I have an inbox just for their newsletters and wait for fab offers in my mail. I google voucher codes to get a discount on my basket and I use cash back sites like Top Cashback to get a small % of what I’m purchasing back (normally a wait) just by going through their website before the shop. I’d en have a list to remind me in the front of my diary about retailers through Cashback sites or where I can collect points online.

I started learning more about money. I changed my attitude, I got less scared and I got confident in applying what I was learning. I still have a long way to go and so much to learn on the subject but the game changer and moment it all just felt okay for me was when I was reading Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas. This book is a blog post in its own right, it can be applied to life not just money but it was an empowering tool for me and my mullah!

I Started Looking At More Ways To Make Money. Seriously I have not left any stone unturned this Sunday I’ll be boot fairing and clearing my old clutter, I have been working to build relationship with brands I love and respect through affiliate links on both my blogs and websites, I have scheduled work better so I don’t waste as much time/money and even dreaming big to the end of year possible events and launches but I’m stillso nervous.  I did try eBay but I never have any luck and the charges are ridiculous now, so I decided the stress wasn’t worth the money being earnt. Sometimes you gotta make the choices that keep life happy!

I’m not there yet by a long shot despite my very best efforts. In the last few Months I have turned lots around and I’m trying to be present for the kids too, that’s worth more than money, I know they aren’t little forever. It’s just the freedom and opportunities money brings right?

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