The Start of the October Challenge. #MAMDeclutterChallenge

I’m A Woman On A Mission, Come Join Me.

So we got to move. I still don’t know where to. What I can tell you, from past experiences is it is one of the most stressful times ever. An unnecessary and unwanted move is upon us and I’m a f*king hoarder!

Im adamant I’m not going to move with all the crap that surrounds me. I am positive I am going to work through everything I’ve kept that has been ignored, hidden or worse stored away! And so I have started The Mum and Monsters Declutter Challenge. #MAMDeclutterChallenge

I Have Made It All Pretty and Everything

#MAMDeclutterChallenge, 30 day Declutter challenge,  30 day challenge, mum and monsters, getting ready to move house, hoarder problems, clearing hoarded stuff, bin bag challenge, October challenge I created the layout above just to track this journey and get as much done as possible. I have based this on my home so you may need to tweek bits to suit yours but my house is chaos and whilst I’ve begun the process, I have got a long way to go and I’m trying to start packing!

Ive added some bonuses of bin bags and emails. I’ll update you all as I go about selling half the contents of my life too! 😁😳

Join me on the journey

If you join in, in even if only for a day be sure to join in by using the hashtag #MAMDeclutterChallenge on your experience. I’ll be posting blog updates here through the month as well as sharing pics on Instagram and updates as I go over on Twitter.


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