Teaching My Children About The World

There is no denying I’m wanting to explore the options when it comes to home schooling, as a family we are creatives and adventurers and don’t necessarily fit the system of schools and like all of the time. I’m not moaning about them they have totally and wholeheartedly embraced my eldest through the younger years but as he gets older and it becomes more structured and restricted I see him struggling to settle and that unsettles me as a mummy.

So I started exploring, thinking up ways and ideas to creatively teach my kids around school. One thing is an art night we are going to start once a week both learning about artists, going on trips and recreating as well as making our own art.
Another idea I thought of was learning about the world. So each week choosing one country to learn about. Then I got thinking more about how my grandad used to teach me about places all around the world through stamps and my mum learnt a lot through collecting postcards. The subjects you can learn just around places is endless; cultures, delicacies, language, jobs, people, stories oh the list is so wonderfully long! Next came my friends who are adventurers, so I reached out to them and asked if when on their travels they might consider sending my monsters a postcard so we can learn about somewhere new through the excitement of letters, pictures, stamps and a bit of information to get us started.

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Then I took it a humongous step bigger, I shared it in this wonderful inspiring, heart centred, goddess filled, unicorn loving group of (mainly) women called the 2016 create your shining year in Life & Biz Workbookers! It’s for people like me who love, adore and use the Leonie Dawson planners to dream big and create amazing lives and businesses through planning, dreaming and letting out those big bodacious life goals! I’ll be sure to share a blog all about mine and update with a link here. Anyway I digress I shared it with this amazing group and received an outpouring of love and wonderful people all offering to send a postage, letter or package to my gorgeous monster adventurers.

My monsters have packages coming from truly amazing places and people all over the world, I’ve already started planning lessons and fun things to do for my kids and some of their friends. I was inspired by the encouraging words from other mums, we all feel like we are messing up and times and over the last few weeks me probably more than most and everyone’s kind and supportive words have been amazing. I’ve now created a Facebook group with the aim of sharing this experience with other children around the world. The idea is once a month your child will send out a postcard to two other children and share about them and their corner of the world then in return they will receive 1 or 2 letters back.

I think it’s going to be great fun and I can’t thank the people getting involved enough, I’m truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love all around this beautiful world we live in.

I’ll go into more details as I figure it out myself, but for now you can join the group here and I’ll keep you all posted here on the blog about the postcards, packages, lessons and developments !


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