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Mummy Blogger Q&A, tag, 11 questions post, mum blogger,I needed a mummy blogger Q&A tag like this to get me to share some fun stuff and random views, they Make me smile and I want to shout out and thank Patricia Costello at Four Little Girls for tagging me in her 11 Things Post go check it out. (Also while your over there leave a comment congratulating her on her latest achievement a C in her GCSE MATH exam.)

So here is my answers to the 11 questions I was tagged in and I’ve had to tag some blogs at the end so I’m sorry if I’m that really newbie mummy blogger who’s tagged you in the millionth one of these but if you haven’t done one for ages it could be fun 🙂

What made you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging as a beauty blogger originally Totally Sweet Cheeks it will now feature on my Be You Beautiful website once I’ve finished all the updates. Now I use my passion for writing to capture memories, moments and adventures as a mum to two beautiful monsters and a quickly growing bump (due October 2015) on this blog Mum and Monsters. I want my monsters to have something to look back, see how much they mattered, how hard I tried and that whilst mummy isn’t always perfect we work it out perfectly!

Do you have favourite food to eat, or drink to enjoy, whilst you are writing? If so, what is it?

Tea! By the bucket load and Chocolate that can never be left once opened (I’m a nightmare for the big bars of dairy milk …its a serious weakness)

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever lost?

My Cartier Love Bangle … Because of the cost and the meaning. I sometimes still cry when I see photos with me wearing it.

What three things could you not get through the day without?

My Boys (including the man child), my journal (Or at least a piece of paper and pen) and my mobile phone (I have issues).

After a long day, what would be your perfect way to relax and unwind?

If I wasn’t pregnant a huge chinese take away a few jd and cokes with my best friends and their other halves, its always a great night and time zooms by when I’m with them.

If your best friend had to describe you, what do you think they would say?

I didn’t know what to put on this post without sounding like some crazy loon so I have just text and asked her, she is on nights so I’ll update with her reply when I get it

Gardening, cooking or crafts. Which are we most likely to find you doing?

NONE OF THE ABOVE unless I have to! My mum is an ultimate crafter extrodinaire so anything crafty I have her help, I kill most plants despite numerous efforts and my other half absolute rocks in the kitchen and I’d much rather eat his grub than mine, but I’m learning special dishes slowly.

You are more likely to find me writing, taking photos, working (beauty), doing yoga, out and about in nature, a day out somewhere or eating out.

A parcel arrives for you. What do you hope is inside?

A map marking out a wild adventure round the world and a back pack like marry poppins bag with everything we may need on our trip.

Who was your most memorable Teacher at School, and why?

Mrs Denton, my psychology teacher for opening up a subject I find fascinating, leaving me wonderful messages on my work and being a beautiful person who made me feel happy. Also Ms London my media teacher for scaring the shit out of me to push me to do good in a subject I love, for pushing boundaries, expectations and for making me never be able to watch Madonnas diamonds are a girls best friend video in the same way ever again.

There’s a taxi, waiting to take you to anywhere in the world. Where would you go?

Florida. I’d take the boys on magical adventures in a place everyone becomes a child, DISNEY! We would do all the theme parks, visit motocross tracks, go see shows, and do some serious SHOPPING!

And while we were there I could meet a soul sister of mine Adriannna, we met on an online empowerment training with the amazing Andrea Beadle and just connected straight away, she is such a joy to chat with and we plan to meet up with the kids and have loads of fun, when we do finally get out there (I’m planning & saving).

What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far?

I love questions like this whilst I can be hard on myself in the daily scheme of things I’ve achieved a lot in my lifetime and a lot I’m really bloody proud of that I do recognise and reflect upon (off to write a post all about them and why more people should recognise theirs).

Obviously I think becoming a mum is the biggest achievement so far, it’s the one that has changed me the most not just how I am with my monsters but how it’s changed my values, outlook, hopes and relationships with the people around me. I also think the becoming a mum achievement should include this current pregnancy of hyper gravadiurn, it’s taking its toll but I’m trying so hard to stay normal when I can and the delivery part where I delivered Monster2 an 8lb8 baby with no pain relief other than paracetamol are pretty big parts to the becoming a mummy achievement.

So now I have to ask 11 random question and tag some peeps I’m unsure how many I’m meant to tag but doing 3 as Four Little Girls did before me.

I tag my latest mummy blogger Twitter followers @ Living With Mess  @ Mummy Fit @ Midwife Made

1. What do you find most fun about blogging?

2. What do you find the toughest thing about blogging?

3. What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

4. If you were to star in a film what one would you pick?

5. Best song to listen to drive on a sunny country road surrounded by green fields and blue skies with your windows down?

6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?(irrelevant of emotional ties -heck imagine you move everyone and everything that matters with you if it helps)

7. Where do you turn to feel inspired, uplifted and motivated?

8. Your favourite outfit to wear to wear that makes you feel a million bucks?

9. You have a full day to yourself to indulge, what do you choose to do?

10. How would you sum up your life in 3 words?

11. What’s your lucky charm/symbol/treasure?


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