Summer Holidays #Day1

I survived!! Despite the fact that before 9am my house looked like a tornado had ripped through in the form of my two monsters and I may have cried slightly and shouted at eldest for his array of toys that I successfully dodge right up to the point of treading on a hotwheels car day one was actually  awesome!

The monsters came with me to the midwife, that was our first morning port of call. Monster one got to hear the heartbeat of his little sister or brother and ask tons of questions to my lovely and hugely patient midwife Alison. He even cheekily jumped on the height chart at the end to see how tall he was (131-his shot up again all of a sudden)

Mum & Monsters at the midwife

I was pleased with the appointment although had to ask for the third time to be referred to the specialist pregnancy counsellor. I’ve seen her both pregnancies before and have no shame admitting my depression, pregnancy, hormones, busy life and that looming thought of delivery at the end of this 9 months make my head fucking pickled and me cry a lot! So I’ve been referred for that and a 32 week scan to check on the babies kidneys as my middle monster suffered renal dilation and they just gotta check out number 3 nearer the due date.

Next we went off to the park, apparently along with every other child from monster 1s school – he knew loads of people and was zipping round on his new scooter saying “hi” to everyone. Monster 2 also enjoyed the trip and I feel hugely lucky that despite a 6 year age gap his older brother is so attentive to his little brothers wants.

Mum & Monsters trip to the park morning out summer holidays #day1

A quick stop in at home to make the monsters sandwhiches and have my usual bout of morning sickness that I’m sure was set off by me venturing on the roundabout at the park which both monsters found hugely entertaining. Then we were going out on a special treat, somewhere new and yummy!!!Mum & Monsters visit to Creams. Waffles, Pancakes, Ice creams and YUMMYNESS. Dockside Chatham Kent.

We were meeting one of my oldest and dearest friends and her two beautiful kiddiewinks to indulge ourselves in ice creams, waffles and pancakes at our local Creams dessert diner. This place is amazing it sparkles with glitter walls and disco balls and is filled with busy booths and friendly staff waiting to greet you. I’d been warned to expect to wait a long time to be seated but within ten minutes of our arrival we were sat with huge menus trying to work out what we wanted to order from the large selection available. All the kids ordered the same, a ginormous  Ferrero Rocher sundae bigger than their heads! At £6.95 each this isn’t an everyday treat but a great way to kick off the summer holidays and in Monster 1 words “better than a million chocolate bars”.

We finished the afternoon with some retail therapy in the local outlet and then headed home for monster 1 to go play with his friends, monster 2 to continue on his path of destruction and mummy domination and for me to cook dinner and try to reclaim some of the house and attempt to conquer mount washing pile!

Day 1 done and dusted and a great day it was now to try  and plan for the very rainy day forecast today … It’s 11am, pouring down, I have extreme nausea and we are still rocking our pjs!!

Have your summer holidays started? What have you got planned or been up to so far? I’d love you to share your parenting adventures and experiences in the comments below…

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