Showing Off My Mums Creations

Well just one part of them …

My mum is super creative with an amazing attention to detail, she makes a lot. The way she can bring things together totally amazes me and she can always pinpoint just what something needs. I guess that’s a mothers touch anyway, none the less I am in awe of her creative skills. You can check out more of my mums creations clicking the banner below.

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The Lost Pages Of Scrapbooking

My mum has been scrapbooking for around 15 years, she loves it. It unleashes her creativity, she has made an amazing group of friends she enjoys spending time with and she has found something she passionately enjoys. And boy does it show!

The issue I had though, was that each week these fabulous pages, cherished memories and beautiful pictures, were going to waste. They were bought together in such a creatively amazing way, with hours spent working in each detail and whilst they may sit on the mantle for a few days, no one was really seeing them unless mum happened to pull out an album to reference something.

Like Most Problems, I Found a Solution When Shopping

Shopping is my saviour and also the reason I never have any money! None the less it was a stroll round The Range (sponsored) with my crafty mum in toe that we discovered these totally cool deep box frames and found a way to showcase her amazing pages.

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They come in a few various sizes and are about 2 inches in depth, meaning the layers and embellishments of mums pages don’t get totally squished and I get to show off how creative Mum is along my hallway walls. They are super easy to fit too no different to putting a picture into a flat frame, abone is a selection of some of the ones we have had up.



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