Poetical Throwback Thursday. The Elephant Parade London 2010

Putting Together A Poetical Throwback Thursday.

I love taking photos and I love giving myself a reason to write poetry, even if it is just a silly few lines thrown together, they are my lines and they will mean sone thing to someone around me.

I wish poems were read more by people, I think they are wonderful. I have tons of poetry books you can take so much or so little from a poem. I’ve used poetry to get me through so much, both reading and writing it.

This Weeks Throwback. The Elephant Parade London.

These photographs (yep I collaged them to get more in!!) were taken in London, each summer they tend to have some sort of amazing trail or hunt (this year it’s the BFG Dream Jar Trail). This was the Elephant Parade Trail and we went all over London finding the most beautifully designed elephants, it was wonderful. I even purchased a small one that sits proudly on my mantel today. Every year proceeds from the designs benefit so many wonderful charities and bring smiles to so many people in a number of ways.

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I wish to be an elephant because elephants never forget,

I want to treasure every memory I can’t let anything go just yet.

I know it is about living in the now and I love adventures and being silly,

but each photo serves as a reminder you are growing oh so quickly.



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