Oh why did I wish away the peace and quiet so quickly?

So yesterday I was saying how I wanted to be home to the mad craziness of my family as I wrote from the peace and quiet of my hospital bed. Today I take that back. As I write from my own bed, listening to my wild children downstairs and my gorgeous fella doing his best to try and organise the two monsters by the time he needs to leave for the school run at 8.30. The baby had him up at 6 as he left me sleeping and the eldest monster didn’t shortly follow downstairs like a tiny heard of elephants. By 7.40 I was up ignoring the advice after being discharged from the hospital late last night I was off down the stairs to see what had the baby monster howling and the eldest monster going “but I didn’t dad” in his loudest stroppy teen like voice.

The eldest was arguing he hadn’t been encouraging the baby to launch his food by laughing at him hysterically as the baby cried for having his fruit selection taken away as it wasn’t intended for home decoration purposes.

I was immediately asked on my arrival in the doorway where a white school shirt might be by my somewhat shell shocked other half. Whilst his superbly hands on with our kids his been yet to experience them rising with the sun and behaving like wild animals. I however had come to master a morning routine, whilst ducking food, simultaneously making breakfast with pack lunch, ironing uniform having probably just dried it and getting my 7 year old to clean his bloody teeth!

Whilst ignoring orders to go back to bed from the trying to be caring but somewhat relieved other half, I pulled a white shirt from the Ironing pile along with grey school socks I knew he would be asking for 5 minutes later then slumped into the kitchen to take an anti sickness tablet, flick the kettle on and fill a lunch box with delights as it’s Friday and monster one loves pack up on a Friday!

At 8.30 as I gave kisses and waved them off on the school run, I closed the door got my tea and crept back to bed. The peace and quiet had resumed and I swiftly crept back to bed and fell back to sleep.


P.S note both these blogs going out on the same day??? …… It’s taken me a week to set up my domain and blog (still lots of tweals needed) and now am just getting round to uploading all that I have been writing 🙂

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