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So last night after a full day of monsters followed by one of those wise moments I say I’m going to clean and declutter the whole front room dining room leaving my lower back and legs aching I retreated to the shower with this little lot…


As a beauty therapist and blogger I’m fortunate to get lots of samples sent to try plus I subscribe to two monthly beauty box subscriptions to indulge myself! So with my rather large collection of mix and match products off to my sparkling bathroom I went (I think I’m going through some kind of early nesting as I scrubbed that the day before yesterday)

Product Roll Call

Body Wash: ok so I messed up not once but twice.. First I used Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk…. Dont do that! This sample size has no instructions and having used it in the shower I’m pretty sure it’s a body moisturiser and not a body cleanser, I’ll re try it as a moisturiser another day!
Mistake number 2… washing my whole body with Su-man purifying cleansing gel-oil this is a facial cleanser and rather than totally unscrewing the cap like I did the lid has a hole you only have to untwist it slightly, whilst it doesn’t foam it’s beautiful gel texture lathers into a clean smelling milk like liquid although wouldn’t be fragrant and foamy enough for me to enjoy as a morning facial cleanser.
Facial Cleanser: Neals Yard Remedies I have to say from the get go I’m a Neals Yard Remedies Consultant but that isn’t why the products feature in this blog, this range is my absolute fav and a big reason I joined and chose to use the products in the beauty treatments I offer. I love using this cleanser each morning I love how clean it leaves my skin, I adore the fragrance and I really feel and see the benefits.
Shampoo: Hip shampooing ultra brilliance ultra shine shampoo the packaging is in French of which mine, despite numerous classes is…rubbish so the only technical info I can give you is that this shampoo is silicone and paraben free and my hair feels clean as I rinse it through.
Conditioner: Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner with Rose extracts. This is like couture hair care, I recieved this when I attended an exclusive evening at Fortnum and Masons hosted by Harpers Bazaar. This product really delivers designed for fine hair (mine is poker straight, limp and lifeless at the moment) I’ve woken up this morning and it has bounce and shine and whilst I know it’s not actually possible to thicken the strands it feels more resilient and sturdy as I brush it and hasn’t gone flat after brushing meaning it’s not weighing my fine hair down! And whilst rose isn’t one of my favourite fragrances I take time to breath in and feel the calming, soothing and detoxifying benefits.

In Shower Entertainment: Ted Talk Amy Purdy my thing lately has been listening to motivational talks whilst in the shower something that moves, provokes and makes me think wow to life! This is one Living Beyond Limits  I have watched over and over, Amy is an absolute inspiration and someone I would love to meet one day. If you haven’t seen this listen to it, watch it then do it again just for good measure it just flips a switch and motivates me in new ways.

Body Treatment: Kueshi Anti-Cellulite Booster with a proven and effective Anti-Cellulite complex of 4 ingredients I can’t pronounce despite being beautyvtrained and fairly articulate means I’m going to be putting this product to the test over the next few weeks, I’ve recieved a full size so I may even brave it and do before and afters in tge final right up, don’t know how good it will be fighting the growing pregnancy arse though!! The thought of a before photo of my thighs and arse makes me cringe bad…
Body Cream; Bodyshop Hemp Body Butter I just love body butters and stole this off the other half my skin felt tight and I wanted something thick to finish off my indulgent Pamper time and lather in to my growing bump and body. I like this I think it smells clean and leaves my skin feeling rich and well moisturised; although may be a little oily/greasy for some, so start with a small amount with the concept you can add more if needed!
Toner; Neals Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner. I adore this I literally open the lid and sniff the bottle when I’m really really like “Wahhhhhh” I just enjoy using it daily in my facial the gorgeous one tries it with me tonight and as always is loved and shocked by the result of Coton wool pads and toner, it’s so refreshing I like using it like I am now curled on the sofa really lapping it up.
Eye Cream; Benefit It’s Potent! I have the most miniscule sample size of this but the results ive seen so far are fab and I just really like the way it glides on and whilst there is no miracle cure for late nights, early mornings and my ever looming 30s this does give me the confidence to not worry too much if I’m without make up.
Facial Moisturiser; Neals Yard Remedies Frankincense intense cream – this is just a range I really like, I enjoy using it daily, this is a fragrance that makes me take deep breaths, I can see visible results in my skin which have given me the confidence to go make up free and my sensitive skin that flares up so easily loves it.
Lip Balm; Vaseline  lip therapy with aloe Vera – because it’s just works after a day of cleaning my lips feel like a dried out sponge they are awful so this provides a nice relief and stops the cracking.
Hand Cream: Cowshed Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream a rich cream and clean floral fragrance it does what you want it to for a hand cream and they look revived and we’ll nourished after a day of cleaning, although I can’t help thinking it smells a little old. As I’m writing this up monster 2 wants to indulge and comes lays next to me to enjoy a hand and foot massage before posing for a cheeky snap!


Extra Relaxing Treat: This Works Deeps Sleep Pillow Spray. Didn’t try this in the end; was late when I went to bed and was worried thatu monster 2 would escape his cot again and be banging on the door to wake me from a lovely beautiful amazing deep sleep. Will try when I have more chance of a long nights sleep… I wonder if this has a use by date!!

So the blog took longer than the actual pampering but how do you mummy’s indulge in time out? Even if it is just a quick 10 minutes in the shower…

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