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I guess there is no better time than now to start writing I mean it’s not often I get to sit in a room by myself in silence. Don’t get me wrong I’m not enthralled by this, I love my busy noisy and crazy life but right now I have an I.V in my arm and have to keep peeing in dishes for nurses to come put a stick in it and I can’t listen to the ticking of the clock much longer so I’m going to write. I’m going to write my first blog post for Mumpreneur & Monsters. (I smile and get excited every time I type that, sad isn’t it!)

I definitely got the monster part covered, monster 3 is the reason I’m currently sat on a hospital bed. As with monster 2 I have had severe morning sickness, (hyperemesis Gravidarum) something I find a real inconvenience. I have far to much to do to be this shitty and ill! I’m dehydrated and my keytones are off the chart, not that I really know what keytones are I just know they should be at 0! But I’m working on going home; now on my 3rd bag of stuff to rehydrate me, my 4th dose of anti sickness drugs and I just managed to keep 2 slices of toast down and it’s been 26 minutes I’d normally have up chucked it within 5-10 I’m even braving my first cup of tea for the day and i know normally hospital tea is weak and awful but I gotta say I’m a little bit in love with this particular one.

Normally I’d be at home stopping my 16month old throwing food out his high chair and trying to get my 7yo to slow down and chew his food with his mouth shut as opposed to being like a cow chewing grass opposite me. Then would be the battle of pre bedtime routines before the whirlwind tidy up of wherever their little monster paws have taken them, then finally I quietly sink back into the comfort of my enveloping comfy sofa to a night mixed of work, social media and putting the world to rights with my gorgeous fella. I miss all that craziness when I’m sat by myself, I miss my monsters.

The nights are normally my creative times I love to plan and write, guess that’s where the Mumpreneur part comes in. Working round my monsters to create a lifestyle we desire was always my dream and whilst I haven’t mastered it just yet, I’m getting there, I’m getting closer to the big bodacious dreams, the momentary genius plans and the freedom to choose how we are living. That’s what this blogs for to take you on the journey of motherhood with 2.5 monsters & a man that drives me wild in both directions of my emotional scale and to share my passions in business and what I do and dream, this is going to be awesome.


About Mum_Monsters

Hi I am Stefani the mad Mummy behind the parenting & lifestyle blog Mum & Monsters. Bubbly, Bright & a hard working Mumpreneur, writer and crazy chick sharing adventures, memories, reviews & moments with her two monster boys & bump due October 2015.

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