Mummy Mess – Morning Sickness and my Monster Hero

Days like today I find extremly difficult, my morning sickness has totally wiped me out, I haven’t kept anything down for two days and I feel physically and mentally drained! It sucks as a mum because I feel like I am letting my monsters down, I feel like im not present enough and I feel like the time we have together is wasted.

I know Im being a bit harsh on myself and maybe i shouldn’t be, but before monster 3s arrival in just 3 months and I really want to be doing more with the two monsters I have! Today though im just appreciating the caring nature, blessings and love of my Monster 1.

Laying on the sofa (like I have been most the day) and thinking what a gorgeous little dude I got, he has totally taken care of me today … kept himself entertained with minecraft and youtube tutorials, everytime I was sick he brought me up water, when I dosed off because I feel exhausted he played with his brother, when I woke up he didn’t want for anything just hugged me and when he heard me on the phone to his dad saying how much we need for the car that I was picking up later in the day he said you can take my birthday money mummy and just give me whatever’s left!! My heart instantly melted, this monster is truly so caring and beautiful inside and out. Some days it can be tough and totally opposite to this and I really struggle but just knowing this dude has my back and I got his makes my heart happy.







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