When It’s All Too Much. Have a Runaway Day!

Today I had a Runaway Day.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense. I have finished up a 12 week block of counselling, I have progressively worked on myself and tried to be kinder to myself. We have had summer holidays and freedom, followed by settling back into school. We moved from staying with family for 20 weeks, into our new house and we have had to work at that to make it feel like home. I have also wanted to discover more of what I enjoy and how I’m going to work properly again and just find a way to make a difference.

It’s a lot, right? 

That is without all the day to day and not to mention start of clubs and the football season for #1.

So today I didn’t know what I needed to do or what I could even find the energy to focus on so I didn’t. By 11am I decided “fuck this shit” and got the kids ready packed a bag got in the car and drove an hour and 20 minutes round the M25 to Brighton.

I ❤️ Brighton

Brighton reminds me of my Nan, I miss her. That’s not why I went there but it is one of the reasons Brighton is one of my favourite places and makes me smile.

It’s alway a buzz with people smiling and saying hi, it’s diverse, colourful, full of attractions and things to do. I was going to go sealife centre if we had the time but the cost of parking TAKES THE PISS!! So we were only down there 4 hours, because I’m tight and can power walk like a mo’fo!

In the time we were there, we enjoyed rides and fish & chips on the pier, the kids fed the seagulls despite my protests, so I found it hilarious when one made them jump by getting too close and too loud. We went for a walk along the beach huts and got some sticks of rock for at home to share. We danced to a busker playing the clarinet and put some money in his case (new concept for little ones). We chased waves on the shoreline and threw stones into the sea (although I’m currently nursing a lump and bruise where the biggest stone #2 could find rebounded off my jaw) .

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We then booked and went up on the British Airways i360, the world’s tallest moving observations tower.


The views were truly breathtaking, it was beautiful. The little monsters performed the majority in some way either photo bombing people, swinging on the bars or loudly making a statement or saying “fart”. I was on my own,  trapped, walking on air at 450 feet. I smiled and somehow got through with snippets of them both being in the same place long enough to point to something of interest and snap a pic. As we descended and the British Airways theme singing Lady started over the speakers #2 said “mummy dance with me” and there I was picking him up holding out my hand in front of all these people, dancing. Just like we do at home, it’s the little things. In that moment no one there really mattered and neither did the fact my parking ticket had 20min left and the car was 30min away.

After that I felt the burn!!!!!! Shit the hills. A pram one kid strapped in one holding on the back, I marched! We made it with a few minutes to spare but jeez I’m gonna feel that for a week.

On Our Next Visit 

I would of liked to have done the lanes, the shops are so great and there is so much more to see. The sealife and the parks but you know…. parking £££CA-CHING£££ and I wanted to be home in time for the Daddy & #1s return after the latest round of football district trials.

I’m writing this blog post because I was reminded I have a blog 😂 and should write more by my weekly twitter notification from MotherhoodTheRealDeal Who along with MumMuddlingThrough runs #CoolMumClub. I gotta blog to take part right?  and if all these other mums can fit it in consistently and so amazingly I really have no excuses with my little blog and occasional ramblings on about our life.

I haven’t taken part this week but now I’ve started taking action in my life in general, I will hopefully now be able to get some posts written worth sharing soon!


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  1. Like the idea of a runaway day. Might install it myself 😀

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