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I have a reason for needing to share so much good stuff, a reminder to myself,  writing this blog post of 30 things that make me smile when everything has seemed a bit of an uphill struggle.  This weekend has been full, it has been chaotic and wonderful and fun and emotional. To say I am feeling it all at the moment would be an understatement. I have so much going on at home as well as the looming eviction from said home; mixed with the fact we still don’t know where we are going, I’m trying to keep on top of my mental health and because of the bullies, I caved, I quit my job. All of which I am in full control of and I’m choosing to face each day but seriously…give me a fucking break!

Despite the bullshit I’m still working on me, being present and being mindful. This weekend as well as packing as much as I could cram in the boxes and a wonderful dinner with Dans brother and his gorgeous family at ours,  I spent the weekend discovering myself again. I began asking myself questions I hadn’t asked myself for ages, listing my favourite things and giving myself time to just journal the answers, literally pen to paper let it all flow out.39 things that make me smile, #MondayMotivation, Aristotle, quotes, inspiration, motivation, positivity, self discovery quotes

It was refreshing and surprising and I plan to continue to journal and discover as well as share more of what I’ve scribbled over the pages of my notebook soon. But today as my Monday Motivation I thought I’d share with you 30 things that make me smile. This could be great for two reasons; firstly either something in my list will make you smile or secondly it will encourage you to write a list of your own things that make you smile. Either way I’d love to hear about it, what did my list remind you of or make you smile about? What did your list include? Is it online? where I can have a read, be sure to share all in the comments below, but for now enjoy …

My List of 30 Things That Make Me Smile

1.The silly but little things Dan does to show how much he loves me, a chocolate bar when he goes to the shop, a cup of tea when he gets home from work, holding me tight in his arms and kiss my forward as he tucks me in under his chin, the way we fit together perfectly however we lay in bed, the way he kisses me, the messages he leaves on the mirror after a shower, a text of three letters in the middle of the day when he is at work, his smile, watching him with our children, I feel so truly lucky for how much he makes me smile and radiate love and joy.

30 things that make me smile, my love, my number 1, we chose each other, mum and monsters

2. How close and loving we are as a family, the bonds we each have individually and as a unit, a team. The fun we have and laughter we share, the support and kindness we show one another and the quality time we sound together, it all creates moments and memories that make me smile and I truly cherish.30 things that make me smile, family bond, my family, love

3. Hearing the kids laughter – they each have their own roar of laughter, a fear of the claw and their very own ticklish spot. Their laughter really does just light me up and feel me with joy, it’s such a delightful sound.

4. Playing with the kids; nerf wars, the volcano game, painting, crafting, bad gymnastics, climbing, skating, riding, playing with cars, building a camp, drinking a pretend cup of tea, playing computer games (I’m rubbish), sorting card collections. It’s all amazing, it all makes me smile because as well as the joy it brings each of my children it brings out this inner child, a Peter Pan in me that just lives to have fun and hear laughter and be silly. It’s awesome.

5. Listening to music & signing badly – this is my Fabulous February playlist (Spotify its all free). I love how a song can transform your energy, your mood and just your way of thinking. All the songs on that track list really do make me smile and I love singing along badly in the shower, I really do feel sorry for my neighbours pets, it’s like a calling to them I’m sure, but I smile and have fun!

6. Dancing on my own, with kids, with dan, in snapchat messages to my friends. I love dancing I literally don’t care, I love the connection fun and joy felt when letting loose.

7. Skype chats with my Mum &/or Dad. For starters my boys are hilarious dancing to the beep bop of the call tone, it has me in fits of giggles before the call even starts, then just the wonder that is video chat; I was alive before the internet, I’ve watched this shit grow and the way it can connect and inspire it just blows my mind I think it’s truly wonderful, then the fact it’s my gorgeous Mum and Dad on my screen and we all get to chat together and share stuff, it’s just all pretty cool.

8. Talking to or spending time with my best friends, there is a collection of them and they are each amazing with their very own super powers to lift me anytime, just understand and make me smile.

30 things that make me smile, best friends, strong, support, love, forever, besties, bff, squad9. Walking barefoot. A deep grounding connecting that makes me smile. I love the feeling of my feet in grass and being barefoot when on ….

10. Sandy beach & Ocean, surrounded by tranquility, beauty and so much that makes me smile. Sunshine, seashells, the sound of the sea, the sand or tide beneath my feet, the depth if the ocean, the bright blue of the sky, what’s not to smile about. (Actually sand in your bikini bottoms.. that’s the horrible bit, like sandpaper between your arsecheeks nasty!)

11. Sunshine. The warmth on my skin, the bright summer sky, the blue sky it brings as clouds float on by. Feeling fuelled by its energy and basking in its power, I could be out enjoying the sunshine hour upon hour. 

12. Writing. The words have a freedom or power as they eloquently (or expletively) express my opinions upon a page. I love that they are mine and that I’m aloud to have them, I love that by writing I could continue to explore myself further, I love to write poetry for the flow and ease in which I can rhyme upon the paper, I love to blog for the freedom of opinion it gives, the opportunity to learn and grow, document and develop.

13. Learning. I love my inner geek, the one I used to try and hide, she has this thirst for learning that just will nof reside. From people, places or technology, the worlds a vast pool of wonder, I only wish I’d realised this power and been more proud when I was younger.

14. Stationery. A geek who loves to write. Pretty stationery is my happy fix.

15. Travel & Adventure, I love all that travel offers, the chance to explre somewhere new, imagine, learn and wonder, relax and unwind.30 things that make me smile, travel, adventure, explore, mum and monsters

16. The feeling of heat when you step off the plan in a hot country. Ahhh!

17. Reading. I love books. I love to escape in a story or learn something new and develop. I love how books help me grow, cry, laugh, love, get lost and get found. They are wonderful. I want to write some books someday. EXTRA: I also love reading out loud to the children the way they listen so peacefully and laugh at my voices it’s an incredible feeling.

18. Reciting “Bed in Summer” by Robert Louis Stevenson. I got a distinction reciting this in my first drama exam as a child, I love it’s words, meaning, it’s verse and rhyme. I enjoy reciting it to the children when they question bedtimes and the light evenings or lack of. It’s joyful.

19. Being outdooors, the way it heightens my senses and connection, the difference in seasons, the colours, the fresh air, the connection & joy.

20. Lists. The organisation I feel writing them and the achievement I feel grttting things done and tI king things off.

21. Chocolate, my guilty pleasure. I’m honestly a bit too greeedy, especially plain dairy chocolate. Yummy!

22. Certain Smells. Like a newly printed magazine, mx 2 stroke oil running through a bike, nail polish, new cars, my little ponies, Aussie shampoo (because it smells like my little pony), and certain fragrances Dan wears that drive me wild!

23. Beauty Boxes. A monthly indulgence of beauty treats that also make sure I take time out to pamper myself. I currently subscribe to birchbox and glossybox. Glossybox is my fav of the two but I’m looking to test a few more this year.

24. Shopping. Not excessively but shopping without worry or concern for money is a true pleasure, not one I’ve had for a while but it’s just lovely to walk into shops and buy something because you love it, it brings you a different kind of joy and freedom as well as unlimtless choice.

25. Taking Photos. I love to treasure the beauty, memories and moments they are a joy to look back on, to share, to frame, to scrapbook. Moments gone but forever treasured to smile upon.

26. Sex. The passion, the intense connection, the bodies release & capabilities, the O, the joy, the love, all this amazingness and half the time I’m genuinely too tired!

27. Meditation I found this really hard at guest & sometimes still do but the difference meditation makes to myself, my mindset and my smile is so uplifting.

28. Making a Difference. To causes close to my heart, raising awareness and money, doing challenges, hosting events, supporting people and lifting others going through those experiences.

29. Making other people feel good. Lifting them, loving them, spoiling them, making them smile, making them see their beauty and worth. It feels good to do good.

30. Feeling Good. It’s the most obvious but after some serious reconnection at the start of the year working through The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, it sounds obvious but me feeling good is the main objective. The better I feel = the happier I am = the more I smile = the more stuff I do that makes me feel good + smile!

#MondayMotivation, 39 things that make me feel good, feeling good, positivity, happiness, setting intentions, smile 30 things that make me smile,

Just adding pics and links o have thought of one more, there are actually loads more I’ve thought of since I first started writing but this one is really important:

31. Being Thankful. Most days I write a gratitude list, it reminds me of the things in my day that brought with them a smile, a lesson, love, support, kindness and much like this list the more I write the more I find to be thankful for. It’s really powerful and has made me so much aware of how I go through my day

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