Monday Motivation & Some #MiraclesNow Inspiration

Morning!! I feel kind of caught in a limbo between maternity leave (monster 3 is now 5 months) and trying to motivate myself back into regular routine and actually doing stuff!

I figured Monday Motivation was the best way to kick my butt into action, firstly because I need the words of wisdom myself and secondly I need to get back into blogging somehow! Where the f#*k did my mojo go? I have all these plans in my head why has implementing them become such a challenge?

This week it’s all about to change, I’ve designed me some ‘Daily Get Shit Done’ Sheets encorporating a balance of what my soul needs to blossom/be happy and what I actually need to do to be proactive. I’ve also started up a little accountability group I got going on and have planned my diary for the next month (aggghhhh I find this so overwhelming!)

Anyway some beautiful wisdom and wise words for you and me today ….

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So im taking baby steps, this is the first one. I have a blog up, there is tons I’d love to get done today but I have time and I have to give myself a chance to find my feet again. I’m cool with that

I also picked myself a card from the Gabrielle Bernstein Miracles Now: Inspirational Affirmations and Life-Changing Tools * I thought I’d share it with you,

*affiliate link … I have 3 kids every little helps 😂😘 and I do only link stuff I love

Monday Motivation, #MondayMotivation, positivity, inspiration, mum and monsters, UK blog, UK mum, baby steps, back in the game, Gabrielle Bernstein, #MiraclesNow, miracles now card deck,

So this Monday I invite you to join me to have a great day, step into our power, trust our intuition and find our feet to take baby steps towards our biggest of dreams!

Have a great day.

I have been keeping Insta going though check out @MumandMonsters for daily pics & updates.

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