Monday Motivation – Preparing for a week of Chaos!

Hello Monday!

I. In need of som serious motivation. Today I am as scatty as something really scatty. My brain won’t think, obviously.  I’m yet to actually get anything done and as I sit on the carpet that I really need to hoover, I am still not sure what to do first.

It’s not even the fact it’s Christmas this week. I’m moderately organised for that (as she checks out a feel unique order for next day delivery on phone). The general angst and stress of life has taken its toll the last few months, and last week I thought I was progressing well in gaining some control back and getting on top of things.  Today not so much.

I am just riding today out though, I do have a list of things I need to get done. I’ve learnt not to get overwhelmed in my lists, I need to prioritise instead, especially if some jobs are unavoidable; like the last minute bits to shop, calling my work about my never ending sick leave and  hoovering this god damn carpet. So I always have my 3 most important tasks in my diary, they are the must do things and can’t roll over too often, it’s helping my procrastination and not to overwhelming for my anxiety.

Monday Motivation …

Last night I continued to read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I am excited as I am now at the workbook stage of digging deep into how I want to feel. I’m going to share a full blog on it next week when I’m all done. It has reminded me I enjoy creating my Monday Motivation quotables and that I want to consistently blog. I created this as my Monday MOtivation for today, maybe I knew I would need it….

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Hope it makes a difference to you whenever you happens to come across it. Have a beautiful day and amazing week ahead!  #6DaysToGo

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