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My Monday Motivation

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Over the past four weeks, I have changed a lot. As a person, as a mum, the things I want to achieve and actually getting myself into gear to achieve them. I have shifted loads and made such a difference, I’m living the life I want more (I swear I’m not a coach and I’m not earning a six figure income or trying to sell you my life) I just am, I’m doing what suits me, what suits us. I’m happier. It’s taking me time, I am still finding balance. That’s why this motivational quote was perfect for me this week, just to remind me I’m getting there.

If you want to read more about the chaos that led to needing to remind myself balance is needed continue reading …

Juggling Summer Holidays, Toddler Tantrums, Business and Keeping The House in Order

I’m the first to admit, I find routine hard so kind of embrace the summer holidays, but with 3 kids now it has days it is taking its toll. None more so then yesterday, I woke up and felt an immediate frustration in the house, you know when everything is so shit and cluttered you want to scream. The washing was piled up, the washing up stacked high, all monster 1s new birthday gifts were still stacked in a mountain on the table whilst all his old toys and general crap collections were spread across his floor, I’d given up on coat hangers and solely used my floordrobe now and I needed to change all the bed sheets, the toys were no longer organised in boxes and the craft draw looked like its very own work of art! That’s without the fact freedom my kids were currently experiencing has them as wired and needy as E numbers and sugar!

That frustration I woke up with made me a woman on a mission and oh my god I went in hard, I’m not going to reel off a big list of my achievements that’s not my point, instead I want to tell you I done it by totally splitting my day. Finding balance and calm and fun in between the mission I had set myself of all I wanted to achieve in my day. So I between overhauling the eldests room I drank tea had friends pop in and somehow drew the short straw of being the kids water gun target as I tidied the garden and they played in the pool. It’s not easy juggling it all sometimes and it was a long day. It continued late into the evening. I spent the night mixing pampering myself with a long shower, pamper, hair treatments and gel nails along side work stuff like putting up the August exchange and promoting Connecting Children of the World project,  Be You Beautiful August promos and update and scheduling my diary for the week ahead.

I done it and whilst I don’t wish every day to be as busy, days like yesterday where I get the balance perfect enough I can achieve more set me up for the perfect start to the week. I hope yours is fabulous too, happy Monday beautiful people. I got loads of blogs half done and loads I NEED to do to get this all out there but it’s ok I’m finding balance, I’m getting there. I’m not perfect, I’m cool with that.




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