Monday Motivation Family Blessings

As I sit with my two younger monsters huddled under blankets, as the boiliers broken, it’s miserable outside and Monster2 has a rotten cold I wanted to find some Monday Motivation family orientated. I found this and thought how lucky I am

Motivation Family, love, Monday motivation, joy, gratitude, home

So even though my boilers broken, I’ve been sicked on, snotted on, knocked over a cuppa and had duplo thrown at me in a tantrum. I’m blessed, cuddling into them both now is amazing. I’m thankful for my little snot Monsters and all the joy they bring, I’m thankful for all the not so fabulous moments because they teach me to be better as a mum and a person and I’m so thankful for the roof over our heads and all the blessings underneath it (particularly the heater plugged in whilst the boilers broke!).

Musing over that motivation led me to this one. Sometimes we just need to sit back take stock and feel that overwhelming sense of gratitude to the blessings in our life, then reflect upon all we have put in to achieve those blessings and wonders.

Motivation Family, Mum & Monsters, working mums, life, Family, love, Monday motivation, joy, gratitude, home

Im trying to be more grateful daily as well as set some kick ass intentions. What with me being all accountable now, did you see my last post on me actually getting through my To Do List.

Here is hoping this Monday is the fresh start to an awesome week for you too. What motivational quote has set you up for the week ahead?

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