I’m Back Again, Here comes Summer!

Oh my god she’s back again, left but now returned to blogginnnnggg, (sorry backstreet boys song came in my head whilst writing the title!)

So it’s the day my eldest breaks up from summer holidays and I decide to return to blogging…crazy bitch! I have taken full maternity leave from EVERYTHING my latest little bundle of joy rugby tackled me with PND and I found it much easier to cut away every thing task or work orientated then to try and force myself to do anything that I felt I would royally fuck up anyway. I have missed writing and I have been wanting to come back to my website and blog that I love, but I have also been very critical, felt a bit useless and disn’t think my writing was making much difference.

I want to say how far I’ve come and how well I’m doing, and I really am and I’m super proud of myself… but today I woke up in a shit mood and so far have been a moany, moody, snappy bitch to anyone who has crossed my path. I figured writing might shake some of it off.

Despite the rubbish mood, I’m really excited about the summer holidays, I love our family adventures and days out and so far have worked to plan what I think is a pretty cool summer. I just have to remind myself they are only plans and if they change ITS OKAY and if I can’t manage another day out I’m not a failure and that boredom is often what sets the imagination free, so it won’t hurt on the odd days or afternoons that mummy wants to hide away in the bathroom!

Whatever happens, it will be a summer to remember. I’m hoping that I can without to much pressure or beating myself up get back to some regular blogging too, even if it’s just weekly update or musings and adventures, it’s something!

Let the fun begin ….

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