I Think I Want A Halloween Party! 🎃

Can I Blame TKMaxx and an Eviction Notice?

Seriously after this post I thought our life couldn’t get more stressful. I was wrong. The next day my landlord delivered our eviction notice because his son wants to move in. Seriously FML!

Anyways im trying to turn it round still and see the silver lining. I have thrown myself in to work as I numbly pack boxes in our house, ignoring the fact I need to find someone new for us to all to live!

So I checked emails and got sucked in by offers and pretty banners. I then found these awesome Halloween treats at TKMaxx and if I’m honest it’s really made me want a Halloween party in the mist of all the chaos. I know we got DDs 1st birthday THIS MONTH!! (Cue emotional crybaby mummy everytime I think of it) but I really wanna let my hair down and have drunk fun with friends whilst children run round high on sugar, sweets and ghostly treats! Yes irresponsible parenting …. It’s how I was raised falling asleep on 2 chairs pushed together at a party. It rocked!

I get lots of emails from TKMaxx because I’m an affiliate this means if you gpckick through my links your price is no different but I might earn a commission. It just all helps, I’m not rolling it in or anything.

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Now going to spend the rest of the day eating lidl fresh cookies, drinking tea, watching YouTube tutorials and shopping for  birthdays and Halloween. I put dinner in the slow cooker this morning, I am in no way a super mum or smug, I genuinely don’t know what came over me. But the mans about to peel and mash the potatoes, Monster is on Xbox as its raining, and the other two are getting out every toy and book they own between them.

So rainy day online shopping … Hello Autumn.


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