Why I Quit Planning Our Summer Holidays

Originally my love for stationary, research and making plans meant I loved planning our summer holidays. If you had of asked me two weeks ago, I had the next 6 weeks all planned out everyday was to be filled with something fun, fabulous or educational. I’d tried to combine a combination of paid for and free stuff as well as lots to do indoors not to mention the summer bags I was putting together for the boys.

It was all to be perfect. 

Then before the kids had even broken up I had a day of overwhelm, severe anxiety and the reality struck. If my kids found out about all these plans I couldn’t back out, I couldn’t have a bad day, I couldn’t let them down.

So I decided to be more practical, I put all the places I had planned for us to go on specific dates,  into a list in my diary. Just an inspiring list of days out and fun stuff to do. And each day IF I’m feeling up to it and the kids are behaving enough to take out publicly we pick out somewhere to go or something to do.

I’m only two days into the holidays but this summer will also see monster 1 turn 10 (my God I’ve been a mum a whole decade!!) and us move into our new home (because you know moving home is such a breeze to squeeze into the holidays). So planning was probably a bit impractical anyway, it is sure to be exciting, adventurous and non stop with my monsters!

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Are you all planned out or winging it as you go? I’d love to hear about it along with any ideas for keeping them entertained!! 

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  1. I must say, I stopped planning and .. yeah .. I think you need a balance between planning and not planning.

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