I Have So Much To Update On My Blog …

Like seriously, it’s a little bit overwhelming. My home page still says “monster 3 due 2015” well she is here, has been for 12 weeks, really should update that. Along with my About Me page; true I find it hard to write about myself in that cheerleading kind of way, but it’s been a while now should let you all in a little bit!
I found it a lot easier to do for my business website because I can detach myself from that and see my strengths in business, this is one I have to write about me as a mum and 60% of the time I feel like there is a possibility I could be fucking that up … It didn’t come with a guide (not that I often read instructions it’s one of my masculine qualities, I already know it all!)

Anyway as I said in my yesterdays post when discussing the fight I currently have on my hands and my hopeful return to this wonderful mummy blog I enjoy so much … I’m back and I promise whilst it may be a couple of weeks with areas ‘under construction’ Mum and Monsters is back and I can’t wait to share the joyous and wonderfully challenging adventures of motherhood and life stuff!

About Mum_Monsters

Hi I am Stefani the mad Mummy behind the parenting & lifestyle blog Mum & Monsters. Bubbly, Bright & a hard working Mumpreneur, writer and crazy chick sharing adventures, memories, reviews & moments with her two monster boys & bump due October 2015.

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