I just tried this great app… FreePrints

I have started to finally print out the thousands of photos I have on my three mobiles. I have done this because I have also began Project Life Scrapbooks, it’s great fun and something I’m starting up with friends too, (a great reason to get together).

I went to my local Boots the other week and printed lots to get me started but wooowww it costs a lot all in one hit £36 later -with extra prints ordered for family and friends I’m left swamped with no particular order to any of these photos!

I am always snapping away at my monsters, and never keep up to date which is what makes this app so handy and perfect…..

I came across this app called Freeprints and have downloaded it to my Sony Xperia z2 and whilst this is greatly reviewed with over 500thousand downloads and highly celebrity endorsed, I’m not being paid for this I earn 5 extra prints if you use my code sernst4 (so do you) and it’s amazing! Here’s what you get;

So I’ve downloaded and placed my order, the quickest and easiest way I’ve ever had just like selecting what pics im uploading to Facebook and then adding my PayPal details at the end. SO SO SIMPLE!  I ticked 50 and paid £3.99 postage and they gave me special discount to reduce it to £2.50.

Now I just wait for them to come through the door, you can pay for additional prints and print options too ill probably do this at a later date for scrapbook pages. I’ll keep you updated with a later post on my first order of 50 prints and how I put them to use!

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