I Just Approved This Comment On My Blog

New Comment on My Blog, I Smiled & Cried.

Its not an unknown fact that when you start out blogging it feels like nobody is reading your posts. It feels like you are writing more a random musings of nothingness to be read by nobody. Now I have got my head round performance, numbers and retention, I  can see  that I am steadily improving on this stuff. However rarely do people comment.

I Don’t Publicly Share This Blog with Family & Friends.

I’m already considered a happy over sharer and to be honest I think maye a 1/4 of my Facebook friends are their to judge, bitch, sell me something or make up theirs numbers. Sorry but it’s the truth and because I have lurkers I don’t have the bullocks to delete, I don’t share this blog. I’m nervous maybe, I think I want to get it to be wow and my definition of successful before I say “hey I have also been putting this out there”. Anyway I’m just explaining that so you know more about why this comment came out the blue.

Whilst a hand full of people know of it because they saw the one time I posted a link on my mums timeline or they found my Instagram or Twitter where I share blog updates. The only people who actually know and I regularly talk to about it are my partner, my kids, my Mum and my best friend Fran; and just because they know, they just know of its existence, they don’t often read it. Well maybe occasionally…

Without Any Mention or Promoting …

My Mum READ MY BLOG!!! She didn’t just read it she left a wonderful, cheerleading, I love you message! And it was just what I needed to keep me on the path of consistency, well done mum!

I just approved this comment on my blog, my mum read my blog, who reads your blog, mum life, mum and monsters, just the lift I needed

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ongoing belief and support even when you have no clue what I’m going on about or think I’m taking on too much, you still try your hardest to believe I can pull it off!

Just wanted to to share this little blog achievement, I’m not there yet but one of the most inspiring women to grace this world commented on my blog and I know she is so not good with anything tech! It’s a big feat, hence why I cried and smiled all at once!


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