How Do l Blog?

I know it sounds silly asides from the resting and the fact it got me back to a healthy level in my pregnancy, I’m immensely thankful for my hospital stay because it got me to write my first blog. It gave me time to myself to think, write and just put something out there. I’ve wanted to create this blog for ages; being a multi faceted mum of two with one on the way I have so much to offer and share, real stuff.

The issue i had though was starting to write i had a 100 questions going round my head based on that one first post;

what the f#*k do you put in your first blog??

Is there like 20 questions you have to answer and include before starting?

Does my first one have to be an intro?

And if it does do I not sound hugely egotistical waffling on about myself, my life and why I think I’m good to blog?  

If I start with an intro do I have to pretend everything’s perfect? (for someone to think “liar liar pants on fire!!) Or do i be totally open and real? (for someone to think this girl needs help quick shes up and down like a roller-coaster)

Do I include my kids names or pictures?  

Why am i starting with an intro when no one will be reading at least my first 100 posts? (Bit melodramatic I know)

If I’m not starting with an intro what now? Just some random musings? A funny tale? A photo? An adventure? A typical day? 

Now you can see why I’m thankful for the hospital stay, all be it brief it was needed; for more than just my health, both this blog and my sanity hugely benefited! I got started and whilst no one may be reading it, I’m allowing myself to be honest and vulnerable in my writing, thats how i plan to blog! I know there are so many depths and layers to come from me as a mum, partner, daughter, friend, business woman, feminist, spiritualist and wholehearted human being. I’m excited.


P.S One of my considerations was posting a blog on A Typical Day… Whilst I may have little routines within my day no day is ever typical or normal! That would be boring right???

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Hi I am Stefani the mad Mummy behind the parenting & lifestyle blog Mum & Monsters. Bubbly, Bright & a hard working Mumpreneur, writer and crazy chick sharing adventures, memories, reviews & moments with her two monster boys & bump due October 2015.

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