Get Motivated: 10 Feel Good Things for your Monday

Now before you all get thinking listen to miss happy over there obviously her life is FAN-bloody-TASTIC, it’s easy for her to get motivated. It’s not.

I do this because I probably more than anyone need this Inspiration to get Motivated.

Especially on Mondays

It’s January. It’s Monday. I’m broke. Rents passed due. Our family of 5 + the dog are being evicted because the landlords son is moving in. We don’t know where we are going. I’m due back at work this week after long term sick, the thought of facing it is making my stomach churn typing, seriously gut wrenching. Whilst overall I’m winning in my battle with depression and anxiety; most days are getting better, it’s still a battle. Every single day. Not to mention being a mum to 3 kids is hard, really hard. The stairs is my hideaway place, it’s peaceful there I go there when I feel like I’m fucking up and it’s all too much I’ve been there twice today. Anyway that’s my pity party. I’m in as much control as I can be, kinda and instead am choosing to be mindful, motivated and focus on the positive.

10 Feel Good Things You Can Do This Monday to get Motivated & Feel Good

1. Set an Intention.

Setting an intention is not the same as setting a goal. A goal is to achieve something, get something done and intention is a way of being. By setting intentions we focus our minds on how we want to feel rather than letting our feelings be an end result, we are simply putting our being first. I felt silly when I first started setting intentions, I felt rather pretencious saying “today I’m going to feel happy/fun/loved” now its second nature. Today I chose to feel BODACIOUS because I love that word and I would quite like to check in through the day and ask “Am I being bodacious? Do I feel bold, daring and confident?” (My lipstick says yes!)

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2. Listen to Music.

It has its own hidden power, I love singing teerily in the shower in fact I have a spotify play list just for it! I love spotify I create different playlist depending on my focus and feelings and can always be sure to find a track to get me pumped, feeling happy or just ready for the day ahead. Today’s shower track was The Killers – Mr Brightside, bit old now but one of my all time favs and unfortunately for my family and possibly my neighbours I know all the words!!!

3. Be Inspired.

There are many blog posts like this one, quotes, images and memes to get you motivated, excited and ready for your week ahead. Look through them and save some favourites to look through throughout the day/week ahead. Literally just go google #MotivationalMonday.

4. Be Accountable.

This ones a bit of a shitter if I’m honest, it involves facing up to all the stuff you can tackle. Rather than burying your head in the sand, like I do, (hiding letters/bills down the back of the shoe cupboard) it means actually dealing with it. This is the hardest step to work through but the one that helps progress you forward thrs ugh general overwhelm of life the most. This week I’m facing 3 biggies; work, my mental health and dum dum dum…. money. I’ll be accountable for this by • laying it all out – facing it all •Working out the current situation – seeing what’s not working and what can be done. •Making an action plan who I need to speak to, forms I need to fill out or emails I need to send. At this point I break it all down and make it manageable. •Work through list of action steps in short burst spend 5-20 minutes on each task, don’t overwhelm myself, get bogged down or upset. Just leave it and come back to where I left it, if unfinished. •Feel good for getting stuff done and facing the stuff that scares me. •Reassess the stuff still unsolved, know that I’ve done all I can and it will just have to wait, the stuff I have accomplished be thankful for and the stuff that has progressed to a new stage take back to laying out and starting over as needed.

5. Journal.

What’s out of your control or undecided write down & leave to ponder. Journal your feelings, just spend 5 minutes writing and see where it takes you. Over time it will show you the positive joys and negative ways that effect you, your mood, and your well being and open up news solutions or ideas for you as you think situations and feelings through in new ways.

6. Get Outside.

Im the laziest person, my children are my excercise. Like seriously it’s a never ending treadmill. But there is something to be said for getting outside in the fresh air. I have to walk most places at the moment as much like me my car is still broke but I’m enjoying it, clearing the cobwebs, getting a dose of vitamin d and being presently mindful to my surroundings. There are various studies sighting the short and long term benefits for health mentally and physically just by walking outside 3-5 times a week.

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Wrapped up warm for a walk to the park.

7. Get Organised

Whether its cleaning out a cupboard, opening up some windows, a polish and Hoover of a room, clearing your inbox or sorting bills a small amount in a short spurt of time can make you feel good and make a big difference. A great tip is to set a timer; it makes you more productive, less distractible and not get caught up in it all for too long.

8. Feel Good.

We all have different vices but the reality is do something everyday that makes you feel good. Like seriously. Whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 hours do it. Whether it’s reading, knitting, sewing, going for a run, doing yoga, meditating, dressing confidently, doing your hair & make-up, drawing, writing, walking the dog, bird watching, singing, dancing, doing handstands, rolling down grass hills (this is super fun), jumping in puddles, cooking, baking, even if cleaning or ironing is your thing (yes mum like you!). I don’t care what it is … Feel good doing it… Spend as much of your days as you can doing these things.

9. Be Thankful.

Most evenings I write a gratitude list, the days I don’t write one I’m normally more tetchy the day after. Not necessarily linked just something I’ve noticed in myself, I gain nothing by telling you that. It doesn’t have to be big ginormous things, what I was thankful for yesterday included “Carlie coming over and the little ones all playing, painting with the kids, My big dude getting a clean sheet at football and the team winning 3-0 (him and daddy coming back extra happy), getting a plan together for my blogs and future plan, a yummy dinner Dan doing his mash, eating as a family, sharing mindfulness with others and understanding further how the work begins with ourselves, Dan keep cuddling and kissing me through the day he still makes me get butterflies his fit, talking about how you spell poo/pooh at the dinner table,” it went on because I find where I’ve been doing it a while I’m able to be thankful for a lot, you get the drift. Just one thing a day in notes on your phone can make a difference, even text it to your own number where you can see them all, have a notebook by your bed or an ongoing document.

Just be thankful, big or small see all the blessings.

10. Switch Off.

Ok this is one where I don’t practise what I preach, a technology switch off before bed is proven time and time again to be good for the mind (and probably your social skills and relationship). It’s something I’m working on doing but as I use my tech for work and work when the kids are sleeping, often falling asleep mid writing dribbling over my iPad it seems really hard. I did start a 10pm switch off it lasted one night, I shall persist and keep you updated.

So that’s my list to get you motivated. I’ve found to practise mindfulness daily I had to hold myself accountable, I drew a sheet up that encompassed all that makes me switched on, actionable and feeling good for the day ahead, I wrote about it here. I’ve not used it everyday but it’s making me practise more everyday. By just having one up in the kitchen I’m finding I’m filling my spare time with mindful practises, or making myself write, blog, play, I don’t know at the moment it’s working, I like it, I feel good, im doing more, I’m being more honest with myself. 

Do you practise mindfulness? Do you find it comes with ease or you have to gently remind yourself? What keeps you motivated? I’d love to know and chat more in the comments below. 

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