Finding Balance; Getting Shit Done! 

Twelve days ago I posted this blog Finding Balance; The Juggling Act of Family, Business & Sanity and on it I gave myself a very optimistic To Do list so I thought I’d update on here on how I’m doing with it all. I’m quite proud to say I’m conquering it and tackling it slowly. Maybe I didn’t get it done in a week but I’m getting there.

To do …

❤️Create and implement a family schedule – I’ve created it, implementing it is slightly tougher than I thought seeing as I’m currently without a car! 

❤️Set aside more 1to1 time for each of the monsters for bonding, fun and learning. (Side note get batteries for all the toys!)- still gotta get bloody batteries! Did however manage to sit with each of the kids to do something they love. With Monster1 I’ve sat for a couple of hours sorting out his Match Attax Cards, with Monster2 I’ve sat colouring and building Duplo and with Monster3 I’ve just had lots of cuddles!

❤️Encorporate a range of yoga, meditation and gratitude into my week – haven’t even ventured into getting my yoga matt out but have meditated, wrote in my gratitude journal and used my angel cards, all things that make me feel better and more connected.

❤️Plan the family meals, so I eat better and fuel my body more regularly (digestives for breakfast and chocolate for lunch just ain’t cutting it!) – I’ve progressed to wheatabix for breakfast but my appetite is still fluctuating a lot! 

❤️Plan a special meal for Tuesday, on the 3 year anniversary of our engagement. Hopefuly a romantic evening indoors together films, fun & laughter. (and no tantrums!) – we decided to argue instead nothing says I Love you like a heated argument! We had some nice time eating and laughing the next night and we finally got round to watching Get Hard the film I got him as a little gift, because I know he thinks Kevin Hart is hilarious! 

❤️Create a plan & chores list to support growth and fund the obsessive match attax collection for Monster1 – still need to do that, feel like I’m giving him a hard time at the moment though because he is the one Monster who understands what I’m asking and chooses to ignore me 80% of the time.

❤️Find more groups for my little monsters to attend locally like massage, rhymes and play. Plus a Stryder class for Monster2 and BMX for monster1. – Found groups, just need a car to attend them as for Stryder classes have to wait until his 2 in February and with BMX he really needs a new racer bike.

❤️Get monster2 into a playgroup or nursery 2 mornings a week for his social skills, fun and entertainment and to give me chance to work/blog/clean/cuddle monster3. – Didn’t realise they have waiting lists have put his name on 3 locally now I just have to wait! 

❤️Find some other women in business to be part of an accountability group to stop me procrastinating and to offer & gain support from women working & juggling just like me! – I done it and I love it, so far it’s me and 3 other lovely ladies that really inspire me in business (they are mums too so understand the juggling act) I know this group will grow more but at the mo it’s just finding the women who need it and who just get what the group is there to achieve.

❤️Continue the house declutter by wiping out the upstairs of clutter. Last week downstairs I achieved 14 black sacks, the recycle bin full, 2 bags to charity, one bag to weigh in and a bag of books for my nan to take to the hospital where she volunteers I want to beat that this week and clear even more! I WILL NO LONGER HAUD SHIT! – haha no I’m avoiding this its evil!! I just want a skip and to throw it all out the upstairs window. I will however aim to clear my floordrobe this week!

❤️Continue to bargain hunt the monsters Christmas lists and get more shopping done – oh yes! Smashing the Christmas lists and doing it all on a budget, I’ve spent the evening wrapping tons of presents and in all different wrappers, i feel like an elf! 

❤️Set aside time to blog about all the above.- well no but at least I’ve updated you all in this blog, I’m going to get around to writing more this weekend. 

I’ve also done other stuff like attending my first networking in 6 months, had daily walks home from school (no bloody car – plus side talk more with the monsters and get outside), Ive spent time with friends, I’ve designed things and made exciting pains for Be You Beautiful, I’ve been battling stupid post natal depression and most days out of the 12 I got dressed, go me!

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