We Finally have a House. Now Making it A Home.

We Have A House – We Have A House. Woohooooooo

So after 20 weeks of sleeping in a dining room, living like the Waltons and as a family of 9, we finally have a place to call our home.  Making it feel homely is a bit of a mission in itself, we have moved into a shell. So as well as being overjoyed I’m also slightly overwhelmed by the work that is ahead of us.

I’ve enjoyed being in the dining room and planning beautiful layouts, colours and furniture. An ideal spacious, beautiful family home filled with lovely things, photos and people. The reality is somewhat different to that.  It’s empty, totally bare, a blank canvas, there are no carpets, there are no nice wallpapered or painted walls, it’s empty. A mud pit of a garden and no normality of their things, tv or WiFi for the kids means it’s all kinds of stressful. Not to mention we are now half way through summer holidays and that point of extreme boredom their imaginations have vanished and they rely solely on me to do anything and the moment I move out of their perifieral vision I hear the bellowing moan of “Muuuuummmmmmmmm”.

Our priority was to make the kids feel a little more settled, make their rooms feel like theirs, a home, a place they can, sleep, play and grow and a place they can love. Then we are going to work our way down through the house. Which seems daunting and scary and one hell of a financial drain on the bank balance, but we are getting there. Between savvy shopping and hunting around and us both working extremely hard to decorate and start moving bits in, it is all coming together.

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I’m going to do a before and after kind of blog of each of the rooms.  Review all the different paints and wallpapers we’ve tried, with snapshots of some of the lovely bits we’ve filled the rooms with, share my honest take on my DIY experiences including hanging wallpaper, upcycling furniture and finding constant inspiration that suits us. I’ll also let you in on  how I’m dealing with the 30 years of clutter that are still stored in my wonderful friends garage (anxiety alert!!).

So yes lots to come on the house front and our little family updates too.  And I’m committed to writing blogs again just for my own joy. Sharing musings and brain farts that need to be stored and possibly even read.

Catch you soon with the first installment of the kids rooms and also the silly things I sign myself up for at the most chaotic times!! 

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  1. Congrats with the new home! Enjoy!

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