Facebook Strike: 5 Reasons I Came off Facebook.

I am on a Facebook Strike.

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Lost in the land of notifications. Why I’m on a Facebook break…

Facebook is not my friend.

I can find lots of my friends on there but I also have their phone numbers. In reality it’s a time sucking, joy draining, rage causing, addictive app that was on my phone. It’s not now.

I still have an account, I can still access it when I want, I can still check messages (please people stop the chain mail, who the fuck is Jayden K Smith). But now it’s deleted I’m consumed by it a lot less. Yes people have to tell me whats happening in their life through conversation and they can’t say “didn’t you see my Facebook post” but I feel better and it got me thinking; What was it that bothered me so much about the social media platform where I used to be so happy oversharing our day to day?

5 Reasons I removed Facebook from my phone.

1. If you write the alphabet and then the numbers up to a million for your status for one hour, everyone will know you are sucked in to believing that by doing something as strenuous as typing a Facebook status that you are a kind and caring idiot making a difference to absolutely nobody with cancer, dementia, mental health or whatever other cause they picked this week. I know I’m being horrible, but seriously your Facebook status does FUCK ALL to help, go donate a £1, wear a badge, spend some time with someone who is maybe suffering and would just love your company. It’s always the same people sucked in as well,  don’t get me started on the prize draws people share from unofficial pages of course I want to win a full package Disney holiday from Disney WorldSomewhere.coms official page!!

2. Oh No Are You OK? Or are you checking in at hospital for your violin lesson? Seriously why do people check in but can only DM their problem, here is an idea don’t check in, no one will ask. Give yourself a day off!

3. My own Jealously. Yep for real!! I have a great life, we do lots, I’m surrounded by peeps I love, all my pics in my phone bring me big smiles and yet everyone else seems to be doing more, living better, doing/driving/wearing things I want! I felt inferior and it’s just not the case.

4. My time. Seriously everytime I unlocked my phone, every time I had “2 minutes”, or wanted to update my mum on my best mates baby. It doesn’t matter what it was Facebook was my go to place and once there I could get lost for hours. Besides, if it’s not making me feel good and I’m spending too much time there it could only result in my depression becoming gradually worse.

5. You Talking About Me? Haha this makes me laugh out loud. I she-hulked over this one, I actually called someone out, tagged them and added pictures to a status because I was and still am sure she was talking about me. And if she genuinely wasn’t hopefully my outburst will make her think twice before making anyone or everyone on her friends list feel like that again. It’s always the same people doing it too, why do we all of a sudden think this is OK because we have a keyboard to hide behind. I’m still old school obviously say what you mean but stand by your own word.

So there it is, some days I have a quick scroll through, I somehow end up reading more daily mail articles then friends statuses but I’m liking it being less accessible, it may also be reason I have more time to write blogs, take photos, generally be more present in my own life,  enjoying the people in it and doing the stuff I want to do!

We all know I can dip in and out from by blog despite my best efforts but this just feels a bit different. Have you had time out from a social media platform? If so what was it that made you go on a break? 



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  1. Well done you! I much prefer Twitter and generally only use Facebook for sharing blog posts or spending the past three months inviting friends for a girls night out and getting ignored. You know what, I don’t think Facebook friends are real friends, as a general rule. Fab post #coolmumclub x

  2. Good for you! Facebook can be massively irksome…I have to admit that I only really use it for my blog purposes and barely look at my personal account….I’ve totally fallen out of love with it! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x

  3. I used to be addicted!! Now I use it a lot for my Fb page, it’s the only social media I seem to be any good at haha, but other than that it’s just staying in touch with friends as we’re overseas. It’s been amazing for that. I’m just so bad at Twitter! #coolmumclub

  4. I would love to go on a facebook strike! You are a true inspiration

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