Don’t Waste Anytime Today. Be Grateful for Your Blessings.

My Daddy having cuddles with his mini princess!!! 💜 
Honest post, me and my dad are stubborn (I get it from him) I am and always will be his princess but when we argue we don’t say sorry or admit our f#*k ups easily. It’s been harder for us both since he was nearly taken from us, yeah he looks amazing now but what you can’t see is the brain damage that changed all our lives, you can’t hear the tinnitus he constantly has ringing through his ears and head, and you can’t imagine how a crowded room makes his head spin. His not perfect but his been broken and they fixed him as best as they could, with a few differences.

Every so often when I see things in black he sees them in white and between us we create red and wave flags at each other until we lock horns. Sometimes we don’t talk for long periods of time, we both say things in temper and hurt each other and those around us (sorry mum I know you suffer most).

Why do we always make up? Because life is too short, we know that first hand and we couldn’t imagine any tomorrow without each other.

At 19 my world came crashing down because I thought some scum bags had killed my dad (he was brutality attacked by 8 people) and even if he did wake up I never thought we would get him back. It’s been a hell of a tough ride since then, that no one could ever prepare you for.

So when I get to see this, my Dad smiling at my beautiful new baby girl, spending time with my children, laughing and cuddling them, I feel truly BLESSED. His come so far, his not perfect (nor am I) but I love him and cherish every moment with him.

The reason for this post:

💜don’t waste time not talking to someone you can’t imagine just being able to call tomorrow, a grudge may feel like you’re winning now but what if you don’t get the chance to say “sorry” or how much they really mean to your life

💜don’t HATE it consumes you. I spent years with an anger burning for the people who changed our lives but all the time I’m filling myself with hate I’m loosing the chance to love and smile. They don’t deserve that, not after all they already took from us.

💜know through the darkest times the light will come, at times you may have to look for it but appreciate it when it shines.  you woke up this morning? you eaten today? you spoke to people you love? Then You my gorgeous friend are blessed too, I’d say don’t take it for granted but life can be overwhelming sometimes and so we don’t appreciate the little stuff, but when it’s shit and your feeling low dig deep and remember every little moment that fills your heart with love and smiles.

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  1. This is beautiful, so proud of where you have come and the person you are. You are an inspiration, we love you all so much. Beautifully written xxx

  2. Loooooovvvvvveeeee you xxxxxxxxx

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