Mum & Monster Review Argos Westbeach Scooter – Day at the SkatePark

For monster 1s huge efforts and great succes through year 3, finishing the year with an amazing report, 100% attendance, 3 certificates in the last assembly and finally getting his pen license me and the gorgeous one decided to treat him.

Monster boys scooter, tricks, stunts and durability. Westbeach Raider 2.0 stunt scooter. Mum review.

Id been eyeing up this bad boy scooter for some time. It safe to say monster 1 has had his fair share of scooters over time including little tikes, Ben 10 and a Razor Stunt scooter (that he left at school on the last summer holidays!) he enjoys riding ramps and doing jumps so we need something designed for that, tough and durable as well as able to handle normal wear and tear for a boy his age.

Its available from Argos with a saving of over 50% yes it’s still a little expensive when compared to the toy scooters this Westbeach coming in at £59.99 but as explained monster 1 needs durability and a proper stunt scooter.  Here is there description;

Westbeach Scooter Review

So here is the review, Mummy Style:

Assembly: I find black and white photographs on instructions nearly impossible to work out and that was proven when my other half told me i had put the front wheel on backwards..when i questioned the fact its round he proved his point with an arrow marked for idiots just like me! Other than that Alan keys provided i could of spent longer putting it together hut skinned my knuckles trying to out the pegs on so left it to the man to do and even he said they were difficult especially the back one as part of the brake and plate were in the way. Its not impossible but Im pregnant and always impatient!

Design: looked a lot better in the pics, but its good. The powder coating is shit considering its going to be crashed and dropped and in constant use, monster 1 had done just that within the first day and left a few marks and grazes over it. And the coating on the wheels was poorly done again considering the retail price of these scooters…. Also its not hard to put stickers on and for the original listed price id expect them put on straight and not bubbling at the edges this unfortunatley wasn’t the case and made the product look a lot cheaper than it was. OHHHHH and the break/back wheel has the most annoying and noisy rattle!!!


Cost: I’m pleased I got it in sale from Argos I would have been disappointed with the quality had I paid the original £129.99 it was listed at although still a little pissed i paid £60 for it when i think maybe going to a specialist shop i could of got him something more durable.

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The Monsters Review:

As monster 1 is the one riding it I figured he’d be the best one to review it. He has had his fair share of scooters to know what he likes and dislikes, his rode it playing out the front, long distance and on the skate park. Here is what he says;

“The ride is smooth, the scooters easy to ride, I can go really fast on it and I like the design. I had fun riding it at the skate park and found it light making it easy to jump although at times the wheels felt like they just slipped out from underneath me. The paint could be improved because every time you fall over there is a big massive scratch that goes down to the silver. The brake could be improved because it’s doesn’t work very well and it’s annoys me being noisey especially if I’m not riding on a smooth surface. But overall I really like my new scooter it’s awesome and lots of fun, now I just need to practise some new tricks!”


There you have it, full Westbeach Children’s Scooter review … Any mums out there with budding extreme kids? Monster 1 loves everything scooters, skateboards, bmx, motocross so if ever any recommendations for things let me know where I can check them out.

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  1. Hi,

    Can I ask how old your son is? Our son is 10 and we were thinking of getting this for him, but thought the handlebars height looked too small?
    Thanks for the write up – very good. 🙂

    • Sorry just seen this with my new arrival I have slacked off on the blogging, trying my best to get back into it! Did you get a scooter?

      My eldest is 8 and tall but as soon as monster 3 wakes up from my lap I will go measure for you just in case you haven’t purchased yet.

      Sorry for delay x

  2. Great review. I hope he gets into the stunt scooter sport!

    • Love your site I’m going to save it for me and the eldest! He has a Cam Ward District scooter at the moment but he is not as confident on that as the argos one, just doesn’t throw it round the same. So we will probably be shopping again after his birthday next month!

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