Summer Holidays Day 3 Monsters 1 – 0 Mummy

I surrender I come out waving the white flag despite my best intentions of a productive time and days out the reality of pregnancy, sickness and anxiety all rolled into one big ball about to roll right over me from the tip of a huge mountain like in the cartoons…

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Summer Holidays #Day1

I survived!! Despite the fact that before 9am my house looked like a tornado had ripped through in the form of my two monsters and I may have cried slightly and shouted at eldest for his array of toys that I successfully dodge right up to the point of treading…

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I just tried this great app… FreePrints


I have started to finally print out the thousands of photos I have on my three mobiles. I have done this because I have also began Project Life Scrapbooks, it’s great fun and something I’m starting up with friends too, (a great reason to get together). I went to my…

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