Catch Up Over A Cuppa!

Im on a roll, I managed to get one blog post up this week and I updated the about us page! I figured for the best way for us to get fully caught up is to go through my photo albums, throw up a few sub headings and catch up with all the adventures we have been having and the growing the monsters have been doing, over the last month (it’s really been that long!) all whilst I have a cuppa tea!

We aim for happiness and balance in our house, when we are out of balance it tends to be messy and chaotic, we’ve had a bit of all of that. I’ve had melt downs, my 8 year old is perfecting sulking, my two year old is a combination of sunshines, rainbows, tornadoes and tantrums and the baby has finally settled into her groove, is quite happy and content unless it’s between the hours of 3-6pm then unless you hold her … She will cry.

I sound like a right Debbie Downer most the time it’s awesome I just don’t want to lead anyone into that false illusion or feeling our life is picture perfect all the time … Seriously F THAT!

Connecting Children Of The World

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So this little project started when I reached out for the monsters to receive postcards from friends when on their holidays, then it grew rather rapidly. You can read about the start here it lead to a Facebook group being started that now has almost 200 members around the world, the idea is each child sends a postcard and receives a postcard from somewhere different around the world each month. No commitment unless they opt in that month and just a fun way for the kids to learn about the world that’s open to them and hear about it in a new way, plus it gets them excited about writing I think that’s pretty cool!

So far we have received postcards from …. And we are still receiving around 3-5 a week.

Last week we posted out 8 Brit packs we created to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a few states of the USA. We included some flyers about our town, a letter from monster1 all about him, life in the UK and his general interests also a bit about his brother and sister, we added in a few little extras and went on a family trip to the post office to get them weighed and sent out.

Family Time

If you follow us on Insta you will notice most quite a few of our posts include the hashtag #FamilyFirst this is super important to us, it’s where it all starts, it’s where you learn to love. So I embrace anytime we can spend that means we get proper, beautiful, uninterrupted family time! We have had quite a lot in the last month often out and about with my parents too.Family first, family time, days out, eating out, family, mum blog, mum and monsters, mummy blogger, UKFamily first, family time, days out, eating out, family, mum blog, mum and monsters, mummy blogger, UK, catch up
I speak to my mum every morning, habit, love, security, I just gotta do it. Sometimes it gets on her nerves, sometimes it gets on mine, sometimes we argue (I’m not a morning person) but most the time we just talk through our day, plan a cuppa together if we can squeeze one inane say morning. My monsters adore Nanny so I felt it important to include time with nanny in this post update …Family first, family time, days out, eating out, family, mum blog, mum and monsters, mummy blogger, UK, catch up, mummy love, I love my mum

Monster 1Monster 1, playtime fun, big brother, learning, growing, my big man, mummy love, mummy blogger, UK, mum and monsters

He amazes me then 30 seconds later I’m telling him off. This is the first time I’ve ever had a child his age, he is my eldest, I am learning, he is learning, we are learning together and it’s hard. Really hard. But oh boy it’s a wonderful journey and this boy is beautiful. I’m complimented for his manners and politeness most days (unless I’m talking to his teacher but that’s a whole other story!), he is such a caring and entertaining brother, he is adventurous and outdoorsy, his currently discovering what his into as a result is wanting to do, play, have everything all in succession.

At the moment his loving Minecraft, watching videos on minecraft(?), scooters, bikes, football (trains Saturday’s, plays Sunday’s) and just being found his friends and U.S., it’s cool, his cool.

Monster 2Monster 2, mum and monsters, mum problems, sudocream, Coldplay, eat play sleep, catch up, mummy blogger

This boy is growing fast and as a result we are doing tons in a day. I’m chasing up nurseries after the Easter holidays, his ready his sociable he loves to create and play a couple of mornings to start will do him good.

Anyway I digress, the top right picture is a proper learning curve don’t think because you can see him through the glass door that your safe to go fold clothes from the tumble dryer in the conservatory he will hide with sudocream where you can’t see. All my friends said as a beauty therapist I should be proud of his application precision. 😂

He loves watching boats and we live 5 minutes from the Thames so we were super lucky to have seen the SportRelief #HellOrHighSeas challenge sailing past. He loved waving and bi bing the car horn.

His other love right now is Coldplays video for … To the point that I understood “more monkeys mummy” meant play it again ….and again and again ….. And again. Most the time though we play, dance, draw, create or walk until he tantrums then he sleeps a bit.

Monster 3Monster 3, embracing the pink, princess, pink, everything girly, dribble, explosive nappies, baby girl,

I don’t know if it’s because the last baby we intend to have or whether it’s because I have 3 now and have to split my time that much more, but oh boy is she growing fast, like really fast. She is dribbling, cooing and creating explosive toxic nappies like most babies, she has also started to rol onto her side (mainly onto her right) and laughs so much more. Her eyes light up as soon as she sees people and she beams the biggest of smiles it’s so cute. I’m still totally embracing all things pink! For someone who wanted all boys this is totally amazeballs

We are exploring more toys now too and she lives floor time surrounded by them all. Luckily for me she only wakes once in the night, which I can deal with and the other half deals with monster2 should he wake, so we have it covered and are quite understanding of the need for sleep to function between us.

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The above is Something2Do playgroup we go once a week and we all love it (bar monster1 who contests every Thursday am with the reasons he might miss school to join us). It’s awesome it’s a big hall 3 hours of craft, toys, play, song time, new friends (for me as well), a bacon sarnie and a cuppa. We have been going about a year it with rising costs I’ve just volunteered my social media and creative self to help the group with web, social media, crafts and days out over the summer! It’s extra stuff for me to slot in but something that’s so important and rewarding seeing results!Catch up, March 2016, mum and monsters, craft, paints, toddler, fun, sponges, playtime, mess,Monster2 has been LOVING the paints and glue and everything crafty this month and I’m embracing it as much as time will allow (he has to have full attention I went to monster3 the first time and he emptied a whole bottle of red glittery paint!!). His other love is still his Skateboard Monster1 got him for Christmas, no one has made him like it, he was watching it in TV even before Christmas, but he adores it and what with a ramp currently being built in our back garden I fear I may have another flat out adventurous one on my hands!Straight outta timeout, skateboarder d, mini skateboarder, cool kid, straight outta timeout, monster, mum and monsters, mum blog, UK mum

Bath time fun, glow stick fun, glow sticks, bubbles, laughter, fun, smiles, mum and monsters, catch up, mum blogger This was totally awesome inspired by my friend Claire we had a glow stick party bath, it is cheap fun and an hour of fun, literally they wouldn’t get out I had to keep adding more hot water! but they loved it, all it was; a deep bubble bath a tube of glow sticks lights off and boys in the bath tub, but the laughter smiles and fun that followed just awesome!

Spring Has Sprung

Doesn’t it feel amazing we have had two days of sunshine this week a sure sign that spring is indeed on its way. We have ditched the car a couple of days too. Instead wrapping up warm to embrace the outside and admire our surroundings. Birdies, Daffodils, sunshine!Spring 2016, spring has sprung, sunshine, daffodils, birds, walking outdoors Mum and Monsters, Mum, Blogger, Mum blog,

All About The MummyMarch catch up, MumAndMonsters, Mum blogger, mummy behind the blog, laughter, shopping, beauty, business, bags, catch up

Thought it only right I update you a little bit about the mummy behind the blog, me! Im doing good, I’m still wobbling with the old depression, the days out in the sunshine made a huge difference. Even my dad said it made him happy seeing me just “being happy” no effort required. Most days though it requires effort, it requires me consciously choosing to do and partake in things that make me happy and as a result I feel balanced and happiness comes easier. It’s quite hard to explain but it works.

I’ve found my feet a little though with where I am happiest and what I’m doing when I feel my happiest, naturally. So I’ve been playing tons more with the kids and being even more childish, colouring, reading books…lots of beautiful books, I’ve been writing, journaling, meditating, doing yoga, pampering myself (I feel in love with the OPI Hello Kitty Polishe in the pic) walking, planning businesses to make a difference (being accountable in biz with the group), spending quality time being present with people who matter: lunches, play dates, evening catch ups, quick cuppa, and through it all my main aims have been to enjoy, be present, take it easy and not feel guilty for whatever shit I feel I should be “busy” doing instead … It can wait.

Ive also been trying to pay the gorgeous man more attention sometimes you slip into a funk where life just happens and individually we forget the importance of being in love. I’ve been showing it and not just knowing it, feeling it and not just saying it. Of course I always love him sometimes we just turn the volume down a little, it’s still the same it just can’t be heard as loudly.

Then there’s the norm, the daily challenge of school runs of football training, homework and housework, the ongoing daily battle of loosing stuff in the depths of my handbag that contain life, kitchen sink and everything all monsters require. Oh and I have been shopping a bit a lot (You can see in one of the pics a days deliveries 😂).

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