Being OK Being an Unprofessional Blogger

I spent some time questioning the purpose of my blog, how personal it could be at times and how much I was ‘putting out there’. I think now I’m not sharing my life on Facebook it made me reflect and question what I was sharing about myself, about us as a family across all social media and online platforms.

I kept reading other blogs that said it’s all about consistency, it’s about regularly sharing on set days so your followers know when to check you out, it’s about subscribers, email lists,  stats and bounce rates and that’s great and for a while I was consumed by all that stuff. But the reality is; I don’t have many followers and it just kind of overwhelmed me with this sense of pressure that I wasn’t good enough to be a blogger. It sucked the fun right out. I’d forgot why I’d started posting this wide array of subjects and snapshots of our family life, I’d forgot how much fun I had writing about our adventures, experiences, about stuff we’d brought, things we’d made, about me and just getting out the stuff that pops up in my days, my ramblings, my musings, my poems, my motivational moments, I just lost that sparkle, because I went and made it all serious. I made a constant bar I wouldn’t meet, with irrational goals, stats and deadlines because that would make me a blogger.

But guess what this post makes me a blogger.

Maybe not a professional blogger with thousands of followers, but ones that had the bollocks to just write and press publish. On a blog. With a website.

Blog Post + Publish = Blog. Blogs not possible without the creator a blogger

I’m not devaluing the pros there are so many I enjoy reading. I’m just saying we often get stuck in this social media, online comparison thing and sometimes it can make us feel not good enough. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I write my blog for me partly because I just enjoy sharing the moments, musings and adventures, partly because I like the thought of these memories being created for my children to one day see how much fun we had and how many joyful moments they may not have seen the way I did, and in a really silly way because I wanted to be a journalist when I was a kid (I also wanted to be a lawyer, psychologist and model).

I questioned a lot about my blogging and its only through that reflection I know I’ll do it my way.  I may not get all the right figures or followers to make me a pro but everytime I hit publish It makes me smile and as always I have tons I could be writing about and and I’m hoping I’ll get round to more as I explain all whats been happening including our new house and currently having to live off microwave meals as we decorate!

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I post more snippets over on instagram I think there is always a great little story behind any picture and it and its so quick and easy to do. Go check it out and be sure to say hi.

Instagram, mumandmonsters, Mum and Monsters, blogger, Pblogger, Mum blog,

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