30 Things I Want To Learn Always Room To Grow

I think a huge part of adventure and the journey of life is to continue to keep our brain active through learning whether it a sport, course or passion its always exciting to learn something new and “get another feather in your cap” as my grandad always used to say.

Here is my list of 30 Things I Want To Learn, which is all part of the 30 things before I’m 30 challenge, although I went and got all extreme with multiple lists I hope I can achieve them, but maybe not all by the time in 30 I am aiming for as many as I can manage.

1. Yoga.

2. To Say The Alphabet Backwards.

3. Languages.

4. Web Design.

5. More Social Media & Blogging

6. Sign Language

7. Personal/Spiritual Development.

8. BMX and/or Motocross

9. Image Styling.

10. Be able to DJ on Decks

11. Crystal Therapy.

12. Rune Stones & Angel Cards.

13. Drifting.

14. Scuba Diving.

15. Juggle.

16. Origami.

17. Writing for Children.

18. Saxophone I got one last Christmas and used to play at secondary school but need to find a teacher locally to get me back in touch with it all.

19. Photography it’s just a passion and something I enjoy, and I need to put my digital SLR to good use.

20. Astrology.

21. To teach (not like in schools – I can only just deal with my own little ones, but to be able to teach and pass on my knowledge and experiences)

22. First Aid.

23. Reiki.

24. To Make Cocktails.

25. To Play Poker.

26. About a different Country each week.

27. Baby yoga & massage.

28. A new word each day.

29. Massage.

30. Minecraft so I can play it with Monster1

That’s it! Such an eclectic mix, I go from one extreme to the other. But I really love learning new things and there is so much stuff that just brings me joy. As always I will add in links updates and pics as I get stuff done!

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